Enter into digital world using Padmazon, we will move forward your business or store to online.

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Why would you create store in Padmazon?

We are collaborating to grow your business. Padmazon is collaborating in the hope of keeping your business online from offline, as you can join online with our platform to grow your business online.


  • Personal Details - National Identity Card Both Side
  • Bank Details - Bank Account Details With Cheque Copy
  • Business Details - Trade License, Other papers according to your goods or services.
  • After finish sign up you should login your account using your created credintion then submit all required information file to formward your application for review, in the submit all details your account will under review.
  • Approval take 2-3 business days also we will physicaly visit in your store to verify your present.
  • You can upload/submit your product using your store account then our team will review the product and approve it for publishing in our platform for customers, the customer will order your goods or service in this period you can manage your orders or sales. Also, you can manage your billing using this store account.
  • Our aim to provide our service nationwide but at the beginning, we only serve our service in Rajshahi City.
Md. Rakib Islam

Md. Rakib Islam

Managing Director

Feeling happy to provide our service. Padmazon not only names it will be a brand one day by our quality service. Hope this day will fairer from now. Best service best demand - that's why our main target better service. If we fail from providing better service and you face hassle, feel free to send us your feedback - it helps us.

What Store Owner Are Saying

Smart Collection

While my business was offline, I was not getting that much success, as I managed to do online business in collaboration with Padmazon, I am getting a lot of success.

Md. Masum
Prangon Fashion

Padmazon is a very good site site as well as their web site interface, transactions can be done very easily with more than 31+ payment gateways. why I am very satisfied on Padmazon.

Nahid Hoshain
Delicious Seafood

The course covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb.

Abdur Rahman